Monday, August 11, 2014

Wausau 12 hour race report!

Once again the Wausau24 did not disappoint. I was completely worn down, tired and sad from the week before but I'm SO HAPPY that I went. The whole weekend was an adventure. Getting stuck in Chicago traffic with my two race bikes on the back of my car (SCARY), stopping in Madison for a bike fit from Craig Watson, pre-riding the course in the rain with Jill and Steve, watching Jill get an impromptu tattoo on her butt the day before she raced 12-hours solo, having a ton of fun riding on the course, and going to Red Bud road after the 12-hour race was done to cheer on the 24 hour solo riders.

Racing duo with Brent Gale was a blast...the whole weekend was a blast. We were aiming for 6th place and ended up in 2nd place. Total overachievers :-) I could write pages about the weekend, but sometimes pictures do a better job portraying what happened. So here's a bunch of pictures!

photo by Gary Smits
photo by Gary Smits
Next up for me is Skirts in the Dirt! Inspired by the Beti Bike Bash it's Michigan's first ever all women-only mountain bike race. Spread the word :-) I'll be teaching a skills clinic the day before so it's going to be a busy weekend!

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