Tuesday, August 19, 2014

n + 5

You know the rule regarding how many bikes you should own, n + 1??? Where (n) is the number of bikes you currently own and the (+1) is the bike that you want to add to your collection? Well after the Salsa demo day yesterday I'm at n + 5. Technically I could be at even a higher number then 5... but let's not get too crazy.

Long story short: I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

This will surprise no one when I say that fat bikes are a ton of fun. I didn't think it was possible for them to become more fun then they already are...but then I rode the Bucksaw
Please, can I have it??? 

This bike will ride over anything and almost everything. I took this out just as it was getting dark and spent the entire time laughing.  It was seriously the most fun I've ever had on a bike and I felt like I could just CRUSH anything in front of me.  
100% fun. 200% BadAss.
My little sister took out the Blackborow and our friend Rolanda rode the Beargrease. Both were fat bike first-timers and both had a blast on them. My favorite part of the ride was hearing my little sister giggling as she bombed down hills on the Blackborow. It's designed for 5-inch tires...and actually made the Beargrease look tiny.
When I first heard about fat bikes a few years back, I remember thinking to myself that I would like one to ride every now and then. Obviously that changed the moment I got my Mukluk and couldn't stay off of it. Then I got my Beargrease and it's my #1 training bike year round. Now I'm at the point where I feel the need to have multiple fat bikes...n + 3 (at the very least!)

The demo was packed with happy riders and I never got to ride the Carbon Spearfish or the Carbon Horsethief but I heard nothing but good things about them. My Spearfish is by far the best bike I've ever ridden/raced, and word on the street is that the carbon version is lighter, stiffer and snappier. Naturally I want it.
Toni testing the Spearfish over rocks...
The Carbon Horsethief is absolutely beautiful. Out of all of the bikes, I really wish I could have tried this one out. I heard that it's fast, fast, fast.
My friend Tara (farm team racing) whipped past me so fast on the Horsethief I could barely snap a picture!
So, to sum up yesterday...pretty perfect. I was either in the woods riding bikes or standing around with friends looking at bikes. If only every Monday could be like that. And my coach was pretty understanding when I told him that I spent my "recovery day off," riding bikes all day long :-)

Below are some of my favorite pics from the demo...

Luckily I had today completely off because my legs are completely cooked. Not so much from Monday, but because I put in 12.5 hours between Saturday and Sunday. They definitely needed a rest day. 

I have a feeling that the rest of this month is going to fly by and really I need time to just STOP moving so fast for a day or two. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday) I'll be leading the GRBC ladies ride from Merrell trail at 6 p.m. (as long as it's dry), and then on Saturday I'll be teaching a ladies skills clinic at Cannonsburg ski area at 1 p.m. And then Sunday will be Skirts in the Dirt!

PS. There is still time to sign up for Skirts in the Dirt. It's going to be a blast so spread the word!

PPS. I did a blog post for Salsa about the 10 things I learned in 10 years of racing Lumberjack. Click Here to read it :-)

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The Padre said...

The Off Road Endurance Race is being held here in Grand Junction Colorado and Epic Rides hosted a pretty good size expo on the streets of Main St and side streets. My number of wanted bikes went up like n + 9. The Pivot bikes are amazing, Salsa are sexy, Scotts has like 3 or 4 bikes I would love to find a home for, and the Felt bikes were out of this world. Now, I just need to find my legs to hammer these bike around!!! The Pro's race the 40 mile course today ( The 31st ) as the open class 30 mile & 40 mile were yesterday. Racers, riders, spectators, & volunteers were stoked w/the course this year. Maybe you can find time for this event next year?!?!? Its Epic For Sure!!!