Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A few weeks ago I made the official decision to take the month of July off from racing. Mostly because I want to get a good month of training in without having to travel or take any time off...and also because I've run out of money for racing and need to save up :-)

Anyways, at first I thought it would be hard to take a month off but it's already the middle of July. How is that possible? Slow down summer!  I think part of the reason why July has been speeding by so fast is my coach has been keeping me busy with workouts. The last thing I've been thinking about is racing.This weekend I had more pressing concerns, like how I was going to walk up the stairs without collapsing and where I wanted to go for fro-yo.

On Saturday I was out the door fairly early. I had a few tempo intervals to do early in my workout. After that I hit a lot of this...

 and a little bit of this...
By the time I was done I had a little over 60 miles on my fat bike. Legs=tired!

I was hoping to get a long day on my Spearfish on Sunday but it rained really hard Saturday night. So instead I met up with my little sister and rode out to Grand Haven. The ride out is mostly flat with a few rolling hills, but it seemed like we were pedaling into the wind the whole way there. Of course, once we got to the beach we had to climb up to lookout point :-)
My Beargrease enjoying the view!
By the time we arrived to Grand Haven I had 50 miles already in, so we had to stop at the gas station to refuel on our way home.
Just being my "normal" self. Wandering aimlessly while wearing a helmet and eating beef jerky!
By the time I dropped Toni (my little sis) off and got back to my house I had 100 miles in. My first fat bike century of the year!

Surprisingly enough my legs don't feel too tired today. But that being said, I'm sure I would think differently if I tried to get on my bike and pedal. Thank goodness for recovery days!

Right around the corner is one of my FAVORITE-EST races of all time, the Wausau 24. I'll be racing co-ed duo with Twin Six Brent! This is one of those races that I can do year after year and it never gets old! Last year was my first year racing duo and I learned a lot. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the weather leading up to the race which was a total rookie move. We ended up with a really cool day, which was awesome racing weather but really cold for sitting around between laps. I remember wearing a hat and having to borrow my teammate Aprils jacket in between laps. This time I will be much more prepared :-)

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