Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lumberjack 100-Excited...Nervous...Scared!

I can't believe that the Lumberjack 100 is less than a week away. It's a great example of how quickly time flies, because when I signed up I was like, "I have all the time in the world to train," and suddenly it's almost "go time!"

I'm really excited for this race but also really nervous. Not only do I want to do well....but I also have a ton of (self-imposed) pressure to make it across the finish line. A few years ago Rick (the promoter) and I realized that I was the only person who had done the race every single year since it started. From that point on my stubborn self was determined to do it 10 straight years in a row.

And here we are. Lumberjack's 10th anniversary.


I'm trying to keep the "metal race crazies" to a minimum. Part of me wants to carry a freaking tool box on my back, just so that I can be fully prepared should anything go wrong. But that would be ridiculous. On race day I'm going to line up like I have for the last 9-years and give it my all.

I know I fell off the blogging bandwagon last week but I'll have a lot more updates this week. There's so many exciting events coming up, including a few more interviews on Girls & Gears. But in the meantime I need to get ready for bed. I guess the only good thing about having to wake up at 4:30 a.m. is that it keeps me on schedule for endurance races. The only difference is that I don't wake up feeling excited to go to work, like I do when I have a race :-)

PS. Even though this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I have to include it. Jeannie raced her first 5K with me last weekend and I couldn't be more proud. I have to admit that I DID NOT have big expectations for her, especially at the start when she sat down facing the wrong way. However she finished in 23:10, and was 5th out of 52 dogs. So cute!
Ben did the race with Scott and finished in a little over 41 minutes. He had to stop for a few water breaks, a few sniffs, and a few searches for dropped treats...haha. Anyways, the good news is that my hamstrings are finally recovered from that run. Clearly I'm going to have to train more before the next one!

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Doug Curtis said...

Congrats on the Lumberjack 100 and I see they had a great picture of you on the cover page of their website (the link says 2013?)