Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Back to reality

Last week was really great. Not only did I get some good training rides in (21 hours total) but I got to bum around town a lot with Scott. You know those people who say that they would keep working if they won the lotto? Well I am DEFINITELY NOT one of those people. If I won the lotto I would do exactly what I did last week. Ride my bike, eat good food, ride my bike more, drink coffee...and rescue a lot of dogs :-)
First coffee soda of the year from Rowster's!
By the end of the week I felt a lot like "little" Jeannie...
Completely exhausted!
This coming week is mostly a rest week. All of my rides are easy/endurance paced and I think they are all 1.5 hours or less. Boring...but definitely needed :-) My legs are tired and they need to recover before I can start training again. Also, I have some not-so-serious race plans this coming weekend...but more on that later. For now I need to do normal get-ready-for-work-day stuff. Like shower. And maybe find something decent to wear ;-) 

In the meantime, check out the latest Just Riding Along episode on Mountain Bike Radio. It's all about the Dirty Kanza...a race that I ABSOLUTELY have to do next year!

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