Thursday, February 13, 2014

Off on another adventure!

Last week I wrote a blog post for Salsa about my plans for the rest of the winter season. I'm happy to report that I'm taking full advantage of all the great snow we have. We raced the Vasa last Saturday and I'm pretty sure that it might be my favorite race of the season. Not only was the course in perfect conditions, but it was warm enough that I could actually RACE!!! When I was little I had really bad asthma that would stop me in my tracks in the winter, but I seem to have outgrown it over the years. It only shows up when my lungs are really exhausted (at the end of a 24 hour race) or when it's extremely this winter. Most of the races that I've done so far have been harsh on my lungs and I always feel like I'm racing at altitude. Vasa was different and it felt sooooo good to breathe deep! I'm pretty sure it's going to be my favorite race of the season but there's a few races left! After that I did a long ride on Sunday and have been trying to sneak out on my fat bike whenever possible. My legs feel like they might just fall off :-)

Now it's time for another adventure...I'm heading back to Minneapolis with Jill.  While I'm excited to see friends and ride bikes I am NOT excited for the drive. This time the roads are clear (hopefully), it's sunny out, and we are going to be pimpin' in my parents awesome maroon colored minivan from the early 90's. We are going to be soooooo awesome...bahaha!

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