Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finally, almost, sort of recovered!

Wow...the Farmer's Fat Bike Race kicked my butt more than I initially thought. I ended up taking 3 days completely off.

On Tuesday I was scheduled to get back in the swing of things with some very short-but hard-intervals. I was dragging all day at work and eventually sent my coach an email asking if I should attempt them or take another day of rest. He suggested spinning easy instead and pushing the intervals back a day. So Tuesday night I came home, ate 6 pieces of pizza (no joke) and then ended up falling asleep on my bed. So much for spinning easy...oops!

Anyways, apparently eating a lot of pizza and getting 10 hours of sleep in the secret to recovery because I woke up feeling like a brand-spanking-new person on Wednesday morning. As a result I was able to do both of my scheduled workouts and felt fresh.

Workout #1 was a short run. I took Jeannie down to Riverside Park so that she could join me! When we pulled into the parking lot I realized that we were not alone...
Aggghhhhh! I'm not sure what was the matter with these ducks but they all started rushing at my car instead of away from it. Ummmm....anyone ever see the movie The Birds??? Anyways, Jeannie and I went to a different parking lot because I am not ashamed to admit that I am afraid of geese, and ducks and any other sort of fowl. And why wouldn't I be...remember this incident???

Anyways, I was so proud of Jeannie. I wasn't sure how she would do running but she ran 3 miles like it was nothing! As always, she wore her most serious face for our car ride :-)
My bike intervals went well too. Even though I felt sort of wimpy staying inside I ended up doing them on the trainer. Trying to do all-out intervals while navigating ice, slush and cars just isn't smart. And while I don't love the trainer sometimes it's nice to just tune out and watch a movie.

I hate the fact that I recover at the pace of a tortoise but I'm so glad that I've learned to listen to my body and take an extra recovery day when needed. Next up for me is another race...looking forward to the Winter Rush Series in Holland this coming Sunday!

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The Padre said...

Classic photo of Jeannie in the car!! Best Backseat Driver Ever!!!