Friday, December 06, 2013

please, please, please!

So this week has been one of those gloomy, dreary weeks. The sun has completely disappeared (not surprising for Michigan) and it's been raining off and on throughout the week. Completely disappointing because we had to cancel our first Fat Bike Tuesday. Boo...hiss...

Meanwhile friends in Minnesota have been posting picture upon picture of fat bike rides in beautiful, white fluffy snow. Don't worry I'm only insanely jealous...

The dogs are equally unimpressed with our crappy weather. Especially Foster Jeannie, who was forced to wear a rain jacket designed for a was just a little long on her :-)
And to make this dreary week drearier, Ben developed some sort of fluke medical condition DOWN UNDER. One moment everything was fine and the next moment his pee was shooting straight up through his front legs. I was like, "what the????" The moment we got home I took a look and major panic ensued. I spent the next hour googling "dog penis problems."

Let me tell you, AWESOME way to spend the night....just awesome!

PS. It's amazing what you can find on the internet when you google the words dog and penis. 


Ben and I rushed over to the vet to see what was wrong. And I know you aren't supposed to assign human emotions to dogs, but Ben was clearly embarrassed. Maybe even mortified. All of his favorite female vet techs were fawning over him (like they always do) but he was avoiding all eye contact. Poor little guy. 

Unfortunately the Vet didn't tell me much more then what I found on google. She did tell me that his skin is super dry (from his allergies and such) and then advised me to go and buy some KY Jelly just in case "his condition" happened again. I was like, "don't you mean K9 Jelly???" 

I smirked and commented that I was for sure going to run into everyone I know and their grandmother while walking around the store with KY Jelly in my basket. She was like, "you can always say it's for your dog." I couldn't help but think, "for my dog? You mean the one that ate my homework?" I mean, who's going to believe that? 

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for self-checkout lanes. I can only imagine what the cashiers face would have looked like if they saw my purchase... 
The good news is that Ben hasn't had any more issues so I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that it really was just a fluke dry skin thing. Please, please, please!!!

And even though this week has been dreary (and expensive) I know that in the whole scheme of things these issues are very, very, very small.

Hopefully this weekend will be a turning point for the weather too. It's cold but dry and I think it might just snow. Please, please, please!!!


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This gave me a good laugh! Thanks for the link and keep up with the good stories and cute pitbulls!