Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Feet!

All last winter I raced and trained in my summer cycling shoes (which incidentally have a lot of mesh) and it was not pleasant. Actually saying it wasn't pleasant is a bit of an understatement. It was downright miserable! It's never a good feeling to be standing at the start line and not able to feel your toes.  I had to cut a lot of  rides short due to freezing cold and wet feet...which made me really, really grumpy. Scott will back me up on the part about me being grumpy!

This year has been a completely different story...
I've been getting a lot of emails asking me how I keep my feet warm and dry during the winter and I CAN NOT say enough good things about my 45NRTH Fasterkatts.

It was basically love at "first try-on!" I could not believe how comfortable they were and I spent half of the day walking around the bike shop and taking pictures of my feet. The inner boot closure keeps the boot secure and from slipping and I love that they don't slip while running (or trying to run) up hills.

PS. I also like how they look...which is equally important :-)
I took this picture during a ride while I was waiting for Scott to catch up. We had a warm-up over the last couple of days and I had just spent an hour riding on slushy roads and through puddles. My feet were still 100% warm and dry!
This probably won't be a surprise to anyone but I generally don't get technical when it comes to product. So when people have been asking me the temperature range for my Fasterkatts I've been answering, "really cold!" Nothing vague about that, right??? Bahahaha.

Actually the suggested temperature range is 23'F-45'F but I've been riding and racing in my Fasterkatts in colder temps and my feet have stayed perfectly warm. I especially love racing in them because they feel lightweight. I had to dismount a lot at the last couple of races that I've done due to crazy snow conditions and lack of coordination and my feet never felt bulky....just warm!

45NRTH does make a cycling boot for even colder and more epic conditions called the Wolvhammer. I have a lot of friends who raced all last winter in them and swear by them as well. I can't wait to test them out too. In fact, I've turned into a total 45NRTH addict. Now I just need to convince them to make a street wear line...like some boots for dog-walking and a snow suit :-) I'd be all over it!

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Johnny D said...

I, too, will endorse 45Nrth boots. Mine are Wolvhammers, and W-A-R-M, WARM!

I am probably going to buy another flat sole pair for any other outdoor activities.