Wednesday, November 06, 2013

My first group road ride and upcoming events!!!

Last night I did my first group road ride in FOREVER! Since it was a road ride I brought my most "road-like" bike El Mariachi.

We left from the Grand Rapids Bike-Gaslight Village Location which is close enough for me to ride my bike to in 15 minutes. It was nice having people to ride with in the dark and more importantly...having people to talk to :-) I think I was talking a little too much because it took a while for us to realize that a certain event coordinator (Jill) was no longer in our group. We turned around immediately and found Jill about a mile back, standing on the corner with a flat.

And it wasn't just any corner. It was the Chicken Coop corner where the occasional drive-by shooting happens (there was one just last week).  I found myself ducking a bit while we waited for Jill to change her flat (which she did quickly).

PS. Who needs a energy bar when you can get 2 pc & Roll for $1.99???
The rest of our ride was pretty uneventful and I plan on doing more of them! Riding in the dark is much more fun when you have a group of buddies. I ended up getting close to 2.5 hours of riding in which was good because today I did...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I'm not quite sure what happened as I started the day out with the best of intentions. It was my first day off from work in a long time and I had a whole list of things that I was going to do. Workout, clean the house, organize my life...the usual. Did I end up doing any of it? No! At noon I was still in pajamas and catching up on all the blogs and facebook and twitter posts I had missed over the last week.

I guess there was at least a little bit of productivity since I'm now I signed up for 2 races in the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series. As of now I'm signed up for the Farmer's Fat Bike Race. This will be the third year for the race and I absolutely can't wait for it. You can register for it HERE! I also registered for the Penn Cycle Fat Tire Loppet. This will be a new race for me this year but I've heard that it's going to be awesome and it's in one of my favorite cities to visit! Registration for that race is HERE!

I definitely plan on signing up for more winter races but I have to pace myself. Otherwise how else will I occupy my time on the next rainy day???

Speaking of events...this Friday night I'll be teaching a free spin class at the D&W on Knapp Corner from 6-7 pm. Here is what I know about the night. There is going to be a DJ named TJ and you get 20% off wine after the event. Wheeeeee! Here is the Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. event page for the event!

Also, closely following that is an event that is very near and dear to my heart. I'm talking about Ladies night!!! Our first one was Two years ago and I will never forget how great it was to spend time with so many awesome female athletes (of all disciplines) from our community. This one promises to be just as great. This time the night will benefit the Well House, which provides shelter to the homeless and emphasizes living gently on the earth. I hope to see everyone there!!!

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