Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

Well hellooooo internet! It's so good to see you again :-)

We've had some crazy weather the last couple of days and our internet service was down. No complaints though as a lot of people that I know are still without electricity and might not get it back until the end of the week.

This week required good time management skills (something I really don't have) to get my training in. On most of the days I had to sprint out of work, sprint with the dogs, and then sprint outside with my bike. Lots of speed work, right? I managed to fit everything in for the most part.

My favorite days were days like this....
No intervals, no rushing...just me, myself and my Beargrease...
On Saturday night I went to bed thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to ride because the weather forecast called for 80% chance of rain, severe winds AND a chance of tornados.

Luck was totally on my side. Yes I got rained on a few times but temps were in the mid 60's. It felt surreal to be riding in the rain in the middle of November without having to wear arm warmers and knee warmers. In fact, I was hot.
Right after I took this picture a huge branch landed right in front of me but other then that my ride was uneventful and I got home just before the bad storms hit. Phew!

This weekend is the last Kisscross race of the year (BOO!). I'm going to race on my SS mountain bike. I've never raced a SS in cross before and I have absolutely no idea what sort of gear ratio to run for a course that is really flat. Right now I have a 32x18 on the bike and I know I would be WAY to spun out with that gear combo. Like everyone would be done with the race and I would still be on the my first lap spinning with a 120 rpm.

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