Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey Mr DJ

Yet another weekend that flew by. Friday night I taught a spin class for GRBC and D&W at the Knapp Street location. I live 3 miles away from the Knapp store and felt really lame having to drive over. However, trying to commute with my trainer strapped to my back didn't seem like a good idea :-)
It was my first "real" time using my JetBlack trainer and I really like it. It's super smooth. I still couldn't see how quiet it was though, since we had a DJ and I was wearing a headset. All I could hear was music and my own breathing. I DO wish I could have a DJ at all the spin classes I lead :-) 

We had about 15 people show up which was a pretty good turnout considering that temps were in the 40's, it was dark, and it was Friday night. I always have a much, much easier time doing intervals on the trainer when other people are joining in. If I'm alone I tend to wonder off...like one moment I'll be doing an interval at threshold and the next moment I'll be at the fridge looking for a snack. 

PS. Indoor spin classes officially start next Thursday (6 p.m.) at the Grand Rapids Bike Company-Ada location. 

The rest of my weekend was spent outside and battling the wind. On Saturday I rode alone but on Sunday my BFF Juli joined me for most of my ride. It was cold-ish but the sun was out and the roads were perfectly packed down. 
My coach wanted me to keep the ride at an endurance pace and I did manage to do that for most of the ride. However the last half hour turned into one GIANT strength interval. I had a headwind hitting me straight on and even though I was pedaling hard I was barely moving. 

Me against the wind...
Oh well, I might as well get used to the wind. The weather is only going to get more epic from here on out. 

Don't forget that tonight is Ladies Night! Food, drinks, prizes...I'm pretty sure it's going to be a fun night :-)

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