Thursday, October 10, 2013

Since my last post...

Ahhhhh...I can't believe it's been more then a week since I've posted on here. My excuse? Trust me, I have a few :-)

First of all, the weather has been absolutely beautiful out. Please, please, please let it stay like this for a long time! Since my next big race is Iceman, my coach has been throwing some intervals at me. But in between those intervals I've been doing a lot of fun rides.

Exploring new trail..
and learning how to get "points" on urban rides...
Basically all you have to do is ride down/over stuff. I like it :-)
Then there's this reason...we currently have a foster dog from the Humane Society of West Michigan living with us!
I've been trying to finalize sponsorship details for next year and I have a lot of company in the office!
After doing the whole "butt sniff" thing Naomi has been completely indifferent to Moxie (our foster) but Ben is borderline obsessed with her. He wants to be by her! All...Of....The....Time.
If they were human this would be one of those situations where I'd be telling Moxie she might want to look into filing for a restraining order and offering to be a witness. The other day I found Ben actually sitting on top of her while she was sleeping. He was looking out the window without a care in the big deal, right? :-)

But since he loves her so much he's been sharing all of his Nylabones. ALL of them!
I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday!!! I have so much going on this weekend and the weather had better cooperate!

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