Monday, October 21, 2013

Quality time with my Beargrease!

First of all, here is the link to my interview with Mackenzie Woodring. And there's still time to get in the running to win a pair of Optic Nerve Omnium PM sunglasses. All you have to do is go to the archived link (Click HERE!), listen, and then leave a comment about the show, racing Iceman or any tips you have learned from racing and/or riding.  

It was great talking with Mackenzie and I hope to have her back on the show after cyclocross season. She's incredibly supportive of other female racers getting into the sport and I have witnessed first hand how freaking fast she is. I will never forget this ride...where I tried to stay on her wheel going up a hill and blew up before I even reached the top. I think I'm scarred for life by that blow-up. It was probably the closest I've ever come to passing out :-)

Anyways, the chance to comment and qualify for a chance to win the Optic Nerve Sunglasses goes until Wednesday and then we will announce the winner. 

Now for my felt a bit like a roller coaster. Everything about the weekend felt very Jekyll and Hyde. It was either cloudy and raining or sunny and dry, and I was either really happy or crying like a baby. Yikes!
I guess I should start with the crying part first. The really good news is that my little foster Moxie (and Ben's cuddle buddy) was adopted!!! That's good, right???
Actually it IS really great news. Moxie is a great dog and is going to make her new family incredibly happy. I had plans on Friday night so Scott was the one who took her to meet her potential new family. They ended up adopting her and taking her home, but I didn't find out until I got home and she wasn't there to greet me on the stairs. Talk about a total meltdown...for like half of the weekend. I miss my little running buddy. However, I also feel really good about fostering. She was my first and everyone says it gets easier over time. We'll see about that :-)

Saturday I was up bright and early to ride my Beargrease up to Merrell Trail. The Grand Rapids Bicycle Company had a demo day there and I was able to ride with a bunch of friends. It was a really great day.
We managed to have a pocket of sun over the trail, whereas it was raining all around us. I ended up staying most of the day because any time I looked toward the direction of home all I could see was dark, ominous clouds. Plus we had burgers, brats and beer :-) And bikes!!!! What else do you need?
That night I went over to my parents to celebrate my grandmas 80th birthday. Ben's little cousin Lucy was there and I could tell he missed Moxie because he kept trying to play with her.
Let me tell you, "little Lucy" did not want to play and she could send Ben running into a corner to hide with one bark. She is the total boss out of the two. It's really funny to watch. Eventually Ben decided just to stay out of her way. Poor Ben, he's going to have to find a new buddy to play with.

Sunday I lucked out with another sunny day.
My legs were TIRED from riding trail at Merrell but I did ride for about 4 hours (at a very, very easy pace) on my Beargrease. It was too nice outside NOT to ride and we have too many great dirt roads to ride on.

Now I'm fully enjoying a recovery day by eating Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. Pretty sure it's going to help immensely :-)

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