Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New living room furniture...

My JetBlack trainer looks awesome in our living room, right Scott???

I'm so excited to be partnering with JetBlack for 2014 and beyond. I was able to hop on a bike and ride this trainer at Interbike and it's ridiculously quiet. I think that there is a good chance that I might be able to actually ride the trainer in the living room while Scott is watching TV and not be stuck in the dungeon basement.

Of course riding outside is always preferable, but there are many days of winter where it's just too nasty/unsafe to ride outside. And even though I shouldn't admit it, sometimes it's nice to just sit on the trainer and watch a cheesy movie on TV. I know I mentioned that I can cry during intervals and still put out the right effort, right? It's something I'm very proud of :-)

Speaking of spinning...The Grand Rapids Bicycle Company/Ada Bike Shop location is going to start Tuesday night spins earlier this year. They will still be led by yours truly and I'm so excited to bleed from the eyeballs and almost puke  do intervals with everyone. I'll post dates and info once it's available.

PS. Iceman waves have been posted...the fat bike class starts in wave 28! There shouldn't be that much traffic in front of us, right? Hahaha.

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