Monday, October 28, 2013

My weekend as a Superhero!

My weekend was pretty low-key.

Well I guess I should define low-key. It was as low-key as it can get when going to roller derby games and parading around town as Captain America and racing cross (more on this later).

Saturday I woke up early and was at The Grand Rapids Bicycle Company/Ada first thing in  the morning. I was on a mission to try on the new 45NRTH FasterKatt cycling shoes. 

All I have to say is where have these shoes been all of my life??? I've heard nothing but great things about the performance of the shoe, so I went in with high expectations. But what I wasn't expecting was how comfortable they are.

Like they are "I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to take them off of my feet" comfortable.
I basically spent the next hour at the bike shop taking pictures of my feet. I'm so thankful my friends at the bike shop put up with me!
Finally I had to take them off but they are an absolute must have for winter. In fact, I would wear them all of the time if I could!

The weather was pretty dreary and since I do not yet own the Fasterkatt I decided to procrastinate riding till later in the day. Scott and I went to Chipotle and then grocery shopping. Then I got a text from my friend Sarah telling me that the roller derby game was "superhero" themed and that she was going as a ninja turtle. For a while I thought that maybe everyone was just messing with me but I can't ever pass up an opportunity to dress up. I LOVE Halloween. So while Scott and I were grocery shopping I picked up a few costume props from the teenage boy section :-)
I have to admit that I had a brief panic attack when I showed up at the roller derby game with my best friend Juli (who was not in costume) and noticed that no one else was wearing costumes either. I almost started to freak out a bit that I was going to be the only one in costume but Juli reassured me that I could just hide behind my mask.

PS. Juli telling me that I could hide behind my mask did not make me feel better. 

I felt like a complete idiot walking into the arena but felt better once I saw superwoman running around. Granted, she was probably 10 years old but at least I wasn't the only superhero. Finally the ninja turtles arrived. Phew!
Sunday I was up bright and early so that I could figure out how to adapt my Captain America costume into a costume to race cyclocross in. So while Scott was reading the newspaper and drinking coffee I was parading around like this...and laughing hysterically at myself. It does not take much to amuse me :-)

The race itself was challenging to say the least. I had to shed half of my costume before it even started because the sun came out and I was hot. Also challenging? Racing in skinny jean cut-offs that were layered over bike shorts.
Photo: Jason Ross

My legs didn't feel that fresh during the race but the worst part was not having any sort of peripheral vision. Holy crap, my cornering skills completely disappeared.

Barriers? What Barriers? I couldn't see them until I was almost on top of them...
Photo: Jack Kunnen

I'm surprised I managed to do the race without any crashes! It must have been because I had superhero powers or something. The best part of the whole race was getting cheers. All around the course I kept hearing little kids screaming, "Go Captain America, Go!" If only I could parade around as a superhero all of the time :-)

I guess it's not Halloween yet, so I do have another excuse to dress up later in the week. Until then though, I'm going to be working a lot of early days. Ugh. There is a very big light at the end of the tunnel though, and that's this coming weekend. I am so excited to race Iceman (and hang out with so many friends) that I can barely sleep!!!


brian said...

Sorry I missed the spectacle this weekend at Manhattan! Wow. I assume you won't be sporting that "kit" for Iceman!
I bought a pair of the Fasterkatts on Friday and agree that they are very cool shoes. But unfortunately I have freaky high arches on my foot and with the top zipper design, they just wouldn't fit my feet. So, I took them back reluctantly yesterday. Now I need to find a substitute. Luckily I am not riding (notice I don't say racing) Iceman and don't need them this weekend. Hopefully I can find a shoe that works. Ted keeps prompting me to try his Fat Bike so I just might need them this year!
Good luck this weekend and have fun!! GO DANIELLE GO!!!

Danielle Musto said...

@Brian-that sucks they don't fit! They flew out the door. You absolutely need a fat bike this winter. We are planning lots of rides on the dirt roads near your house.