Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Labor Day and B-day weekend

My Labor Day weekend started early, with a trip to MSU veterinary clinic on Thursday with Ben. He has really bad allergies and even though he's been getting a weekly allergy shot for a year there have been no improvements. So off we went to see some specialists.

Ben is a really chilled out dog but I could tell he was anxious about where we were going. First of all, he lives for breakfast and we couldn't feed him in the morning. Then we dropped Naomi off at my parents and he couldn't go in...he was not happy about that. Then we had another hour in the car. Finally we arrived...
MSU has a great veterinarian program and it was a cool facility. First two vet students took Ben's history and then they reported back to their professor. Finally he came in, gave Ben an exam, and talked to his student's about different skin conditions to watch out for. Meanwhile a female veterinarian was holding on to Ben. I was trying to listen to everything that they were saying but kept getting really distracted by my dog. At one point there were three different doctors examining Ben at once and what was he doing? Nonchalantly licking the female veterinarians stomach like it was no big deal. 

After that they marched off with him to do skin and blood work. He came back looking like a tic-tac-toe board. 
The verdict? He's allergic to a lot more then we thought, and will be on a completely different antigen program. Plus he has his own allergist now. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS he has pet insurance. We got it when we rescued him and every day I am so, so, so, SO thankful that we did. 

After five hours we were finally able to leave!
The first place we went to was Five Guys burgers. Not for us, but for Ben. He had a hamburger minus the bun but plus bacon. He ate it so fast I couldn't take a picture. Pretty sure it was the BEST DAY EVER for him...
The rest of the weekend was much more relaxing. It was my birthday so Scott made a homemade Paleo Banana Cake. Neither of us follow a specific diet, but Scott is mostly Paleo and has eliminated a lot of sugar and processed foods from his diet. Since he does all of the cooking I guess a lot of my diet is Paleo-ish too. When I'm not eating gummy bears and pizza, that is. 

The cake was amazing and I am not ashamed to admit that I basically ate the entire thing...
The best part of my weekend though, happened on Sunday. I rode out to Grand Haven beach with my parents.
My dad rode his Salsa Dos Niner and my mom rode her Salsa Vaya. Me? My Beargrease (of course!)
It was the best way to spend a birthday weekend...
I was really proud of my parents. They covered 74 miles in 4:45...on knobby tires! My legs were tired from doing intervals the day before and my dad basically pulled us the whole way there and back. Every once in a while I would feel guilty and go to the front, but the way I look at it is that he got some really good training in, right? 

Speaking of training, I'm still working with a few dogs from the Humane Society of West Michigan to run a 5K with me in October. Yesterday coach Andy had me run for 25 minutes and I realized the dogs aren't the only ones who need training. I do! I can't believe running feels so hard again. I was running so slowly and still felt like I was gasping for breathe. Tomorrow we are filming a commercial for the event. All I have to say is wish me luck that I don't look like I'm about to pass out when getting filmed :-)


Anonymous said...

I love Ben!!! That should be your family Picture!!

Danielle Musto said...

We would have to photoshop Naomi in :-)