Saturday, September 21, 2013

City of Angles, Sin City, and Interbike

Wow. I don't even know what to say about last week except that I need a few more days to recover. Scott and I took a red-eye back Thursday night and by the time I got home I couldn't remember what day it was.

We spent about 2.5 days in Los Angeles trying to cram as much as possible in 95 degree weather. I could have spent a few more days there...for the coffee alone!
And (of course) the tacos...
It was so great being able to hang out with my middle sister Mikey (Michela). We talk almost every day on the phone but I barely get to see her. Clearly we were too busy talking during the trip because the only picture I have of her is the one I took at Dog Man, and it's not even a good picture! I like to call this an action shot...haha!
That's her bent over in the purple shirt. However, I do have about a million pictures of her dog Venice (my dog niece!)
Anyways, Dog Man was pretty incredible. He does a free training class every week for dogs and usually about 50 dogs (and their owners) show up. I had seen him featured on Caesar Milan before but it was really cool to see the class in real life.

On our last morning there Mikey asked Scott and I if we wanted to go to a workout class at 5:30 a.m. called "Insanity." It would mean waking up at 4:30 a.m., so Scott was like, "hell no!" I wanted to get as much time in as possible with my sister and Melissa though so I decided to try it out. I had no clue what I was getting myself into and my sister described it as doing push-ups in a "circuit" format. In hindsight I should have backed away when she mentioned doing push-ups since I can barely do one.

Needless to say I was in NO WAY prepared for the class. All I could think (while doing jumping squats at 180 degree turns with push-ups in between) was that whoever came up with the class aptly named it. There was something surreal about being in an anaerobic state at 5:30 a.m. and trying to do workout moves to loud music. Did I mention that I have zero rhythm??? It was seriously insane and by the time it was over I was wrecked. Scott took one look at me when we got home and busted out laughing.

Saying good-bye sucked and I hope to visit again soon. Next time I want to stay longer. The girls drove me up and down some seriously steep streets and I need to see if I can make them on a SS.

Next up was Las Vegas, one of my least favorite cities in the world. I hate all of the second-hand smoke and I hate the perfumed scent of the hotels. But I was excited for the chance to check out new bike stuff, and catch up with sponsors and friends.

I spent Tuesday recovering from my insanity class. Scott thought I was being over-dramatic but almost every muscle hurt. I was like, "how about you do jumping jacks with lunges in between and tell me how you feel!"

A little R&R by the pool...
More R&R...
Then it was time for the show!
We Scott tried to be strategic about walking the show floor but it was hard to much to look at and sample!
I actually ran out of time at Interbike. It would have been nice to have one more full day to catch up with sponsors/friends. However I can only handle about 3 days of Vegas.

Since Salsa has their own dealer camps they weren't at the show, but I still got to see the Carbon Beargrease...which was displayed right next to the cycling shoes that I ABSOLUTELY NEED! They are so sweet! Ahhhh....Salsa, and 45NRTH...why do you both have to be so cool???
Here I am with one of the owners of Kenda (I've been racing on their tires since I started) and another endurance racing friend, Timari Pruis!

I know I say this every year but I'm pretty sure the Twin Six 2014 line is my favorite yet...
Scott agrees :-)
Oh hey...can I have one of everything???

I've been wanting these Thomson Ti Handlebars ever since I first saw them...
My favorite Ergon grip so far has been the GA1 but I can't wait to try out the GE1's!
Naturally we had to stop and check out this company...
Naomi (our greyhound) needs a special type of collar but Ben is now the proud owner of a Cycledog collar. Not only is it made from recycled bike tubes and reflective, but it also has a bottle opener on it.

All in all, a great show. I have a lot more pictures and some new sponsors to talk about. But for now I have to go to bed. I'm suffering from a serious case of Jet lag.  I haven't been on my bike for 9 freaking days so I'm also suffering from bad, bad bike withdrawal. I can't remember the last time I was off of a bike for that long and I don't like it a bit.

Tomorrow I'm back on the bike and I'm jumping right into a race. Initially I was going to race Pando on my SS, but then my friend Sarah suggested I race in the women's elite class on my Beargrease. I was like, "that's brilliant!" So wish me luck. I'm pretty sure my legs are going to feel horrible and my lungs are going to go into shock after breathing Vegas air, but what better way to detox then race 7-laps at Pando on a fat bike???


Anonymous said...

where is this great coffee (and tacos) you speak of ?

Danielle Musto said...

Intelligentsia coffee shops and I'm not sure of the taco place. But from what I hear most of the taco trucks and restaurants in L.A. are pretty good!