Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Victory tastes even better with a free coffee

This morning I recorded an interview with Ben at Mountain Bike Radio about racing Ore to Shore on the carbon Beargrease (I'll post link when it's available). Before the interview we were talking about what races I'm doing next and I think I've managed to piece together a really crazy/fun/my legs are going to hurt all of the time schedule. My next big race is Iceman but until then I'm just going to do as many local cross and mountain bike races as possible. I'm even doing two duathlons which means that I need to start running a bit as well.

Running....why does it have to hurt so bad??? My coach had me run a mere 15 minutes yesterday and I felt like I was going to pass out. Hopefully it comes back quickly. The most exciting thing about my run wasn't the run itself...but the fact that I saw my friend Mason riding down the street on a Salsa carbon Beargrease.

The fact that I keep running (this time literally) into this bike is a sign that I need one!!!

Since I have a few weeks off from racing I'm also back to strength training with my workout buddies! We are already back to challenging each other for coffee. A few weeks ago Jason challenged me to a Bear Crawl competition and I instantly agreed. Of course right after agreeing I had to ask what a Bear Crawl was.

And if you are wondering how I made it to 29  35 without knowing what a Bear Crawl is I will respond with a question of my own. Why would anyone sign up for Gym Class in high school when you could do marching band instead???

So...on Monday I got a quick tutorial on how to Bear Crawl and then I was ready....
We had to go straight up a hill. The worst part was that the hill had a false flat, so just when I thought I was done I had to go up an even steeper part. Anyways, I won!!! And trust me when I say I am still gloating about it today. It totally makes up for last year when I got destroyed on the stairs! 

Here's Jason doing the walk of can't see me because I was already at the top :-)
Jason sent me this text between him and another workout buddy. I wish I could show this text to all awkward girls in middle school and high school who hate gym class (like I did) and let them know that one day they too will be beating the boys...haha!
Apparently Gareth thinks that he can beat me so we are going to have another race. More coffee is on the line. And Scott, if you are reading this, don't be surprised if you come home and find me crawling around the house. Not that I'm competitive enough to practice or anything...haha.

Well time to go ride and then I have to go to class. Ugh, class. It sounds so foreign to say that. I think I mentioned this before but when I transferred from Aquinas college to Grand Valley University I never knew that I had to take a third semester of French. Don't ask me how that got lost in translation. Anyways, after completing all of my Public Relations and Advertising classes I totally thought that I was ready to graduate when the University was like au contraire! Crap! So I took a few many years off to race my bike :-) I finally met with an advisor yesterday and even though I have 165 credits I can't get out of french class. I guess I have to learn how to speak it again...double crap. It turns out that I also have to take one more Gen Ed. class...triple crap! I figured I better get it done before they start adding on more classes. So tonight I'm going back to school to take an Origins of Civilizations class. 3 hours long.

The first thing I did after signing up for the class was research the professor and every single review is bad! I kid you not. Like pages and pages of people saying he is super tough and to drop the class unless you are an anthropology major. Great! I spent about two hours trying to find a different class but this is the best for my schedule because in the winter I'll be doing the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series. Wish me luck. A few of the reviews mentioned that he punishes you for missing class and I'm for sure going to miss one class while I'm at Interbike. But...hopefully all of my public relations classes will come in handy. I'm just going to have to convince him that meeting with sponsors and looking at new bike gear is WAY MORE important then the Origins of Civilization. I mean, duh!


Anonymous said...

That was one of the most hilarious posts yet! Dude, she was like a spider! Too funny. I hope you kick Gareth's Butt too. Then you can get Really warrant your new "bear" grease. ;-)

Glan Deas said...

"Victory tastes even better with a free coffee". You are right dude. Coffee lover searching reason to drink coffee.

Kopi Luwak