Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pando 6 hr duo race report

I've lost track of how many times I've raced the Pando 12 hour. Let's just say a lot. It was my first endurance race I ever did, back when I was a beginner. I raced the 12 hour solo and I think it took me a month to recover from it.

Like I said in my last post initially I was planning on racing the 6 hour solo but once I found out that I was racing Ore to Shore I talked my little sister into doing the 6 hour duo with me. Pando is short...I think the race course was a little over 4 miles. But since the trail is only open to ride during races we hardly ever get to ride it.

I met up with my friends Kelly and Sarah Friday night to pre-ride the course. Kelly is new to mountain biking. Very, very new. Her first time riding was at our women's clinic, and her second time was at our ladies ride. After that she bought a bike, went for another ride and told me she wanted to do a race. I told her the 6 hours of Pando would be a great start because in my mind everyone wants to be an endurance racer :-) I'm either a very good or a very bad influence!
I could tell Kelly was a bit nervous during the first lap of our pre-ride. It was only her 3rd time out on trail and while the course is short, it's not easy. You have to be on the gas the entire time and there are some tricky root sections that like to grab back wheels. To add more excitement to our pre-ride was the fact that a wire was hanging over the trail. At first we were told that it was a dead wire but another guy told us that when he touched it a current went through his body. PS. Who touches wires??? :-)
After our first lap Kelly said she wanted to do another. I have to admit that I was not exactly thrilled about this because my legs STILL felt slightly tired from racing at Wausau the weekend before. I'm glad that we did though because I could tell she felt better after another lap. Then we all gathered in the parking lot, busted the reflectors off of her bike (graduation time), and showed her what to do if she dropped a chain. I am very, very proud to be a part of the mountain bike community because everyone is so helpful. Maybe it's because we are like a cult and always want to get more people in...haha. It reminded me of my first experiences when I started mountain biking. I'll never forget my first race, where I showed up wearing a cotton tank top. Scott was racing elite at the time and by the time he finished the race I was wearing a XL primal wear jersey that some guy had given me. Scott took one look at me wearing the jersey and was like, "uh-uh!" It might have been because it hung to my knees or had a giant robot on it but whatever. My whole point is that the mountain bike community is a great one to be a part of because for the most part everyone watches out for each other.

Anyways, I digress. Race Day!! Here's a picture of Toni, Kelly and I before the race...
Toni and I had a hard time coming up with a team name and finally we came up with "The Jaegers!" I think most people thought we were referencing Jagermeister (EWWW!) but our name was referencing something else completely. We had just watched Pacific Rim a few weeks ago and when I jokingly suggested the name to my sister she busted out into one of the "Toni laughs" that she is famous for. I can't even describe it. Kind of a mixture of a full-on shriek straight from the belly that sounds like it should be coming from a 300 pound man. Once I heard the laugh it was settled...we were team "The Jaegers."

Since the course was so short Toni and I decided to do two laps at a time. That means we would be switching every 40-ish minutes. I went out for the first two and before I knew it I was fist-bumping with my sister so she could go out. I didn't have any top-end speed but I felt much better then I did the day before.

Just like last week at Wausau I sat down and started eating. I could get very used to racing duo :-)
After a few laps I checked the results and saw that we were in second place. We were racing in the  duo open advanced category and two guys were ahead of us. While it was nice having a little more time to rest I realized that we were both slowing down on our second laps. It was time to switch to doing one lap at a time. This meant that we were going off every 20-ish minutes. It hurt but it was a short hurt. We never ended up catching the first place guys but we had a great race with 17 laps and finished in second place. We were one lap down from first place but one lap up over the co-ed team that finished in third place.

My little sis rocks! Here we are with our prizes...this bag will actually come in pretty handy because I never had a place to store dirty kits after races.
The best part of the day was seeing new friends getting into the sport. Huge congrats to my friend Kelly  for completing 7 laps on the course. I think she was very happy to be done :-)
I also have to send a huge congrats to Megan Dolbee, who helped support April and I at Wausau last weekend. She is also brand new to the sport and completed 9 laps. It's so cool to see more women getting into mountain biking. Watch out guys...bahahahaha!


Tim Schut said...

That would be me that touched the wire! I was just trying to lift it up to go underneath it. Anway, we got it propped up and out of the way and uncle Bill was able to secure it to the tree with zip ties - broken ribs and all! Great job out there on Saturday!

Danielle Musto said...

Thanks for moving the wire Tim! You are much braver then me :-)