Monday, July 29, 2013

Team JetBlack :-)

I had no clue what it would be like to race duo in the 12 hour female division at the Wausau 24 race and I can honestly say that it exceeded all of my expectations. I don't even know how to describe how awesome the race was. It was ridiculously fun and hard at the same time. April Morgan was the perfect teammate and I can't wait to do another race with her.

I didn't get home until 10 p.m. last night but probably didn't go to bed until midnight. I was so wired from caffeine and the drive that I couldn't fall asleep.

Plus it was great seeing Scott and the dogs.

Plus Scott had a pizza waiting for me and I had to eat the entire thing.

I think I could have slept in forever today but I had to teach another class of 40 kindergartners about bike safety.
I was definitely more prepared on what to expect this time. First the teacher showed a video called "Busy Beavers," which showed a bunch of Beavers riding and playing in helmets. It also showed "uncle" Beaver running in a helmet and "grandma" Beaver baking a cake in a helmet, which I found a little weird but oh well. I'm so clumsy that I probably should wear a helmet while running :-)

Anyways, the kids loved the much that they started chanting "Beaver...Beaver" over and over again when it was over. This time though, there was no group screaming. Kindergartners crack me up. I asked them what they should do when they get hot when biking (I was going to talk about drinking water) and one of the boys shouted "take off our shirts!" And when I showed them my "fancy blue" Ergon gloves that protect my hands a few of the kids took off their shoes to show me their blisters.  Never a dull day in Kindergarten!

I'll post a full Wausau 24 race report up later....right now I'm going back to bed. I should NOT be going back to bed as there are a million things that I need to get done today before work but I'm just too tired to care.

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