Monday, July 01, 2013

How I spent the rest of my week when I wasn't apprehending creepers...

I was so busy writing about finding creepers in my backyard in my last blog post that I never mentioned the fun stuff that happened last week. So here goes...

On Tuesday I did another Girls & Gears interview with Chloe Woodruff on Mountain Bike Radio. The direct link is right here...clickety-click.

Thursday night we had another Ada Bike Shop ladies ride. A great group of ladies showed up, including two who had never ridden singletrack before. They did a great job and it was cool seeing their confidence grow with each passing mile. PS. I absolutely love taking people mountain biking for the first time!!!

Saturday I woke up early to get a 2 hour ride in with a few steady state intervals thrown in. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with steady state intervals. Mostly I hate them, until I'm done and then I love them. Afterwards I headed over to the Salvation Army for the block party/helmet giveaway. We had 420 helmets to give away for free and I think we gave away the majority of them. Sadly it kept raining, so our skills course was not as elaborate as the year before but that's ok. I think the kids got the general idea :-) Stop and look both ways, right???

Sunday I did a 5 hour endurance ride on the bike. I wasn't sure if the trails would be muddy from the previous day's rain so I stuck to all gravel and paved roads. It was a really good, non-stop pedaling day and I was completely bonked out by the end of it. Just in time to go to work... :-)

And that's a wrap on my week!

PS. I've added a few new blogs under the read me link to the right. Two of the blogs belong to guests that have been on my Girls & Gears show, Chloe and Vicki. The third link is to the blog of my Minnesota BFF, April Morgan. We will be racing together on a duo team at the Wausau 24 race and I am so, so excited. This will be her first time at the race. I was also about to say that this would be her first endurance event but then I remembered that she used to compete in Ironmans. This will, however, be her first mountain bike endurance event so I think she should do the Lemans start. I mean, running in cycling shoes is something everyone should experience. Agreed?

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