Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally, a break in the weather

I haven't forgotten about this's just that my middle sister flew into town the day after I got done dog sitting. She's currently in grad school at USC and I don't see her nearly enough. So I spent most of last week hanging out with her as much as possible. The crazy part is that I don't have one picture of us from the entire week of her being here. But I do have about 100 pics of our two dogs playing together. This should surprise no one.

So I had a good week catching up with my sister but a bad week in the training department. We had several days in a row where the heat index was over 100 degrees and I felt like I was barely moving on the bike. Every single workout that my coach had me do was sub-par (at best). I felt like I couldn't breath, I felt like I couldn't pedal, I felt very, very slow. Even though I love, love, love summer I'll be the first to admit that more then once I found myself wishing that I was on my Beargrease riding in the snow. I should be careful what I wish for, right???

The good news is that temps have dropped at least 10 degrees and it feels amazing. And the cooler temps couldn't happen fast enough. Right around the corner is one of my all time favorite races. This will be my first time EVER not racing solo at the race and I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to race duo with my minnesota BFF. This will be her first time racing the Wausau 24. Right now she loves racing XC and short track but I have no doubt that once she experiences the endurance side of things she will switch over...bahahaha.

Speaking of endurance racing, I want to send a huge congrats out to a friend I met through endurance racing. Huge, huge, huge congrats to Carey Lowery for winning the stars and stripes jersey this past weekend at the XC National Championships in the singlespeed division. Carey is just as nice as she is fast. And as someone who has gotten her butt kicked many, many times by Carey I can vouch for how fast she is :-)


Mary said...

Good luck in Wisconsin!

Carey Lowery said...

Thanks for the mention!