Thursday, June 13, 2013

Almost time...

Talk about a crazy, busy day. I'm still not even close to being prepared or ready for the Lumberjack 100. Good thing I have at least another half of a day right? While I am nervous for this race I am more curious then anything. This season has been unlike any other as I raced all winter and then took a few months off. And almost all of my training thus far has been solo so lining up next to a lot of fast pro endurance racers and racing against them will be a good indicator of where I'm at. Ha, now that I think of it maybe I am nervous :-)

Mostly I'm just excited to ride my mountain bike on bonafide trail. Almost all of my riding this season has been on gravel and paved roads because of rain so I'm really ready for SINGLETRACK!

I ended up lucking out yesterday with a tire delivery from Kenda. Phew. All of my favorite tires in a box.

Today I also went down to Train Out Pain to get worked on again and re-taped. Since the inner part of my ankle hurts I've started working the outside part more, so the tape adds support. After Lumberjack I'm probably just going to tape up my whole body.

Well time for bed. This race just might be the closest race to my house that I do all season and I plan on sleeping in and enjoy not being (too) rushed. I kind of want to listen to my Girls&Gears interview on the drive up there but I don't know if I can handle listening to my voice for that long. Please excuse the giggles at the beginning. I think I mentioned this before but whenever I get nervous I start laughing. It can make for very, very awkward situations at times. In this case it was just funny, but I was trying really hard to stop and anytime I almost had things under control I would hear Vicki or Sarah giggle and it would set things off again.

It was a great hour though and I really enjoyed talking to both of them. Not only are Vicki and Sarah super fast, they are just really interesting and fun. If they lived here I would want to hang out with them all of the time. Be sure to listen in as they have some really interesting things to say about racing and overcoming obstacles. For the direct link click here!

PS. There is still time to win the Elete giveaway! Send Sarah a message on facebook or email her at with a reason why you need to win the giveaway! Maybe you are having problems with muscle cramps or maybe you are doing a race in the desert. Regardless, email her by Saturday at noon for the chance to win!


Sarah K said...

Thank you, Danielle! Good luck at Lumberjack! FYI; my email is (only one 'f').

Danielle Musto said...

Thanks Sarah! I changed it already. Great talking with you!