Monday, May 20, 2013

A perfect weekend...

This weekend was pretty great. At the end of last week I decided to skip the Xterra's Last Stand Duathlon at Ft. Custer. Trust me, I did not want to skip it because I had so much fun racing it last year but common sense (I do have a little of it) told me not to do it. Since I missed a week of training from being sick, and then had a sub-par week of training since I was wrecked from racing the 5/3, I decided the Du would Du (haha) nothing but set me back even more.

My summer schedule is pretty eclectic because I have a mixture of long and short races. And unlike winter I'm not chasing any series. However, I do have two big hundred milers coming up in June that are back to back and I spent the weekend focusing on my endurance. Even though I'm tired from training I feel really good. And after being sick for almost two weeks FEELING GOOD FEELS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD. I mean, holy crap I can breathe and pedal again!!!

So instead of racing I had one of the most low-key weekends of my life. I spent a lots of time with my family...
PS. Naomi is still alive and kicking. She was in the back seat doing what she does best-sleeping! 

This probably goes without saying but there was lots of coffee..

Tacos at the farmer's market...

Speaking of the farmer's market, I had to laugh when I got home and unpacked. Clearly I skipped past all the veggies. Oops. Mental note...start eating more carrots or something.

And riding....I had some really great days on the bike (did I mention that I can breathe and pedal again???) Between the three days I managed to pedal across a mixture of road, singletrack and gravel.

It was all great. Especially the singletrack parts. I just couldn't take any pictures of that because I've learned the hard way that uncoordinated people like me shouldn't try to ride one handed over rocks and roots.

Now it's time for a rest day. In 3 days I got a little over 13 hours of riding in and my legs need to recover. All of a sudden it's summer and riding in 80 degrees felt completely shocking and regardless of how much liquid I carried over the 3 days I managed to run out. However, don't think for a minute that I'm complaining. I'll take this weather any day of the week!

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