Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Lost in translation

Welcome to week 2 of my post winter race season "downtime."  When I looked at my workouts last week each day said the same thing...."Day Off! Do what you want!" For some reason I completely misinterpreted the meaning. It's amazing that I did so well in my logic class because I swear, half of the time I'm the most illogical person that I know.

When I saw "Day Off, Do What you Want" I thought my coach meant that I could do whatever I wanted to on a bike. The fact that he meant I should take some time off from the bike was completely lost in translation! So for the first part of last week I rushed home from work to enjoy the sun...on my bike of course!

And I started making psycho long ride plans with a lot of friends. While making those plans I decided that I would also race the Lowell 50. I sent Andy an email telling him about it and he responded with, "you want to do a 50 mile race during your time off?" It was then that I realized that when he said Day Off he meant I needed days off from my bike. Boo!!! Hiss!!!!

I know my coach is right and at least I'm still able to do short rides on my bike. I did get my coach to agree to a few long ones...as long as they are slow. However this means that I will not be racing the Lowell 50 this coming weekend.

To tell you the truth I'm not as tempted to do long rides anyways. Temps are back in the 30's and all of the local trails are completely unrideable right now. Plus I'm using my time off from the bike to start running a bit. There is a race a few miles from my house that I've always wanted to do. Even though I don't do much running I've always felt left out the day that it happens because it's so big and I've heard that it's a lot of fun. So since I don't have any big races in the near future I'm taking the opportunity to do it. I just signed up today and I already feel a little panicked! I have exactly 31 days, 19 hours and 21 minutes (according to the website) to train. Luckily my coach is a runner :-)

So...I need to find some new running shoes quick and start reminding my muscles what it's like to run instead of pedal. Scott already promised me that he would ride his Beargrease down to the race...just in case  I need a lift half-way through!

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