Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here comes the sun...

Finally a small break in the weather! Hooray! 

After 14 straight days of rain I whipped out the white flag of surrender on Friday. Not only did we have a mixture of rain/snow but we also had 40-50 mph wind gusts. I was supposed to do a ride outside with leg openers since I had a race on Saturday but instead I stayed inside on the couch and didn't work out at all.  I'm sure my coach was oh-so-proud but there was no way I was going to get drenched again. 

The only time I went outside was to take Naomi out. She was none too happy. I imagine her as thinking that she wishes she would have been rescued by someone in Hawaii instead of Michigan :-)

I present to you a very pissed off greyhound...

Luckily the rest of the weekend turned out much better. I raced the Chilly Blues Challenge on Saturday (race report will be up tomorrow on the ridefatbikes site) and managed to get over four hours of riding on dirt roads on Sunday. 

Training this week is going to be interesting because I have a mixture of running and riding. Right now my coach is OK with my switching workouts based on the weather and I'm trying to arrange my running days for when it's raining out. I'm trying really hard not to think about the 5/3 run too much because right now running 15 miles seems impossible. I have my first really long run this week and hopefully my confidence will go up afterwards. Or maybe I'll be even more worried...we shall see :-)

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