Saturday, April 27, 2013

A preview of the awesomeness that will be tomorrow!

I think that I am more excited about the women's mountain bike clinic we are holding tomorrow then I am about any races coming up. The only race that would get me just as excited is if Salsa wanted to send me to La Ruta to race in the fat bike category. That would be awesome.

PS. Expect to see a lot of very subtle hints about fat bike racing at La Ruta on my blog throughout the summer :-) If it comes to it I will be sending out a petition...haha.  

Anyways, back to the ladies clinic! We have a great diverse group coming...from racers to women who have never ridden dirt before. We will be doing a ton of drills that I should STILL be doing and then hitting the singletrack. At some point we will also be having a "slow" race. I know for a fact I would be the first one out I have zero coordination and not much more for balance.

Now I have to try and get some sleep. Too bad I have the same feeling I used to get as a kid the night before Christmas! And speaking of Christmas we have lots of good prizes to hand out tomorrow. I have to send out a huge thanks to our friend Tom from QBP. I'll be in Minnesota several times this summer and I already plan on bringing a present back to him from Vivant Brewery!

PPS. For any ladies just finding out about the clinic it's not too late. Just show up to Luton park at 10:30 a.m. and park in the Kies parking lot. If you don't have a mountain bike that's ok. We are going to have some demos. The only thing that is absolutely mandatory is a helmet!


April said...

La Ruta and you on a Fat bike sounds completely natural!

baozi abao said...

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WMuecke said...

Danielle: Drop a line to, or email me through the Team CoreCo website ( We are a small, non-profit team with no budget, and we clearly are not Salsa (but we do have the support of Fatback...), SO perhaps we can work out some way to get you down here in October. I am game to try!