Thursday, February 07, 2013

Two things that will never get old...

Number 1

Number 2

Yesterday I had the day off from work and took advantage of the weather by doing a five hour ride. It was pretty great, especially the part that included stopping for some "super ride food" at hour four. I had one of those bonks where I didn't realize how bad I was bonking until I was weaving through aisles in the gas station grabbing everything in sight. I think I inhaled the entire bag of sour patch kids within a minute.

Even with the sugar rush I was pretty whacked out when I got home. So whacked out that I don't remember much about my first show on Mountain Bike Radio. What I do remember is having to talk to "dead air," while Ben took care of his baby. I have a whole new appreciation for radio hosts because that was ridiculously hard for me. I don't think I could have been more awkward if I tried...bahahaha. Oh well. I like to think that I set a precedent for awkward radio shows, so that anyone else hosting a show will have nothing to worry about!

Some day I'll listen to it...after drinking  a glass,    two glasses, a bottle of wine :-) Not for a while though!

Right now it's time for a quick nap before strength training and some intervals. I had a rough morning before work that included trying to get Ben (the dog) out of bed. I always thought Naomi (our granny greyhound) was the epitome of laziness, but no...Ben wins!


Jeff Hemperley said...
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Jeff Hemperley said...

Great write ups!