Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Rush

This weekend went from warm to cold in a hurry. When I say warm, I mean temps were in the 40's on Saturday. Granted a few months ago I would have considered 40 degrees really cold, but this Saturday I actually felt hot when I was riding.

Sunday was a different story. I woke up to temps in the low-teens with a wind chill that made it almost painful to be outside. After a lazy morning I grabbed my warmest clothes and headed to Indian Trails for another Winter Rush fat bike race.


It's funny, the venue is at a golf course at the intersection of two busy roads, but once you turn into the parking lot you would never guess it. Instead of hearing the busy sounds of traffic all I could hear was the sound of lots of fat bike tires riding around.

My warm-up consisted of standing in front of the fire in the lodge and layering up in the car. Needless to say my lungs went into complete shock the moment we started racing. The course was completely Jekyll and Hyde as the first half was nice and fast and the second half was super evil. And I know everyone reading this is probably wondering how hard a golf course could possibly be, but trust me. It was ridiculously hard in places. The back half consisted of a gradual slope straight into a headwind and there were times when I was barely moving.
Photo by Jack Kunnen

Even though the race was only 40 minutes (plus one lap) long I felt like I was out there forever. At one point I heard one of the guys running the race tell me something. I couldn't figure out if he told me that I had 12 minutes to go or if I was in 12th place. The rest of the lap I was hoping that I only had 12 minutes but then I realized that I better embrace the pain. If I couldn't handle 40 (very cold and windy) minutes then I have a lot to worry about for this coming weekend :-)

I'm so glad that the Winter Rush series exists. As much as I love long races, I have just as good of a time riding in circles on a golf course. It was such a great workout and I had so much fun racing with everyone. And thanks to everyone who braved the cold to cheer us on. My only regret was not taking a hot chocolate hand-up. I ended up 5th out of 8 A-racers. Yessss, I'm moving on up. Right now I'm tied for third place with two other guys in the series and there's only one more race to go. This is serious :-)

Afterwards I was given a custom Fat Bike, Big Ring t-shirt and sticker. My friends are definitely making it impossible to forget some of my comments on Mountain Bike Radio...haha!

Even though I warmed-up during the race I was freezing the rest of the day. Later in the day we went over to my parents house for dinner. I spent the majority of the night in front of the wood burning stove with Naomi and Ben. After a few hours of not moving Ben started to turn a little pig. Neither of them seem to embrace winter that much :-)

Tomorrow is spin class at the Ada Bike Shop and I'm also taking my Beargrease in so that Ted can look it over. I've only had it for a short time but it's been put through some nasty conditions already.

Also, a very small but very important package arrived for it today....just in the knick of time for the Noque. Thank you Thomson!

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Carey said...

Glad you are ripping it up on the Fattie. Good luck at World's. Go chick 'em!