Friday, January 25, 2013

Greetings from Marquette!


I always forget how much I love it up here! My favorite thing about this town is just seeing fat bikes randomly placed all over. I think it's the only way that I would get around if I lived up here. Well that, and I would teach Naomi and Ben how to mush :-)

We arrived late last night and the town was really quiet. Today will be a different story as all the skiers (and Fat Bikers) will be arriving. I am really, really excited but I think subconsciously I'm also really, REALLY NERVOUS. The last two nights I had really freaky race dreams that are normally reserved for my summer race season...

Dream #1: I was racing on a golf course in the desert, dodging cholla, but wearing winter clothing. Half-way through the race I realized I forgot my hydrapak and had no water, dropped a glove and kept trying to make it up steep climbs in my big ring. Then I got passed by a bunch of fast women, couldn't figure out where the course was, and had to stop and ask a golfer for directions.

Dream #2: Once again racing but for some reason the Fat Bike World Championships were on the Iceman course. Half-way through the race I stopped to do a yoga class.

Seriously???  I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. The good news is that I triple checked to make sure that I had my hydrapak when packing. I did manage to forget half of my cold weather race gear but hey...I DID bring my hydrapak :-)

Well, time to drink a little more coffee and then we are going to find some good snow to ride on. That won't be hard to do here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Check the groomed "singletrack" for fat bikes on the south trails system. stop in Down Wind Sports on 3rd street for more info.