Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attention ladies..... week Wednesday (Feb 6th at 6 p.m. EST) is my first show on Mountain Bike Radio. Here is the direct link.  The first show is mostly an introduction and a chance to call in and talk about what YOU would like to hear on the show. Please, please, please call in because I can only listen to my own voice for so long.

When Ben mentioned that the first show would be more of an introduction I thought that he was saying it was going to be just me on the show talking about myself. Talk about instant anxiety. I can be very, very awkward in certain almost all situations and I am quite certain that would be the case if I were on air alone.

I mentioned the show during spin class the other night, and that the name of the show was Girls and Gears. But then I looked around at all of the guys in the room and said, "but guys can listen too!" Everyone thought that was the name of the show....Girls and Gears (but guys can listen too!) Then one the other ladies piped up with "but guys can listen too-to learn!" Haha, I like it :-)

Anyways, I'm excited. There are about a million and one awesome female athletes that I would love to get on the show! It should be fun.

And speaking of fun...there's one more Winter Rush race this coming weekend. My coach has me doing a long endurance ride that day but I plan on begging and pleading to get him to switch my schedule around. Rumor has it that it's the hardest course in the series and I think this will be my best chance to beat my hubby in the series. I might have to play dirty and throw some elbows at him during the race...he's not beating me without a fight! The warming hut will be open during too, so be sure to stop by and cheer if you are in the area!

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