Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Whew! I survived another New Year's Resolution Run. Actually it didn't hurt as badly as I thought that it would. Even though I took a few weeks off from running after the Xterra half-marathon, I must have had a little running fitness left.

That being said, the race was not easy by any means. It was lung searing cold out and my legs were definitely tired from the two days prior. Even so, I was able to finish the race without getting a side stitch. Progress...haha!

I finished with a time of 27:37 which was good for 1st place in my age group. It's funny, 27:37 isn't that long in the whole scheme of things but it felt like forever before I saw the finish line. My favorite part of the race was seeing a few friends riding their fat bikes around the lake and cheering us on....

At the finish with my aunt and very, very happy to be done!

Afterwards I put on comfy clothes and hung out at home with Scott and the dogs...
I guess I should say dog because Naomi was the only dog who stayed up with us. "Old man" Ben goes to bed the moment the sun goes down. I remember how I used to stay out all night on New Year's Eve. Not so much anymore. Scott and I eventually went out to a late night movie and I practically wore pajamas...that was the extent of my excitement for the night.

The next day I was back on the bike for another ride. I wasn't too sore from the New Year's Run which was a good sign. The year before I couldn't even move. 

Temps were in the low 20's...even this picture looks cold!
I couldn't keep my water from freezing and the cold air definitely kicked my butt.  Once I got home I put on PJ's again and hung out with Ben for the rest of the day. He was snoring loudly and not worried at all about starting the year out with any sort of exercise :-) I basically had a heater on my lap all day!

This picture doesn't do justice to how pink he turns when he's cute!
Happy 2013 everybody!

I'm not doing any sort of racing this coming weekend but I am getting excited about the Farmer's Fat Bike race coming up on January's a preview of the race course.

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