Thursday, December 20, 2012

Races that I'm excited about!

Look to the left! My 2013 race schedule is growing! I am so excited about all of these races. Each one has a slightly different format and I've heard rumors that a few of them are butt kickers.

Bring it :-)

The best thing about my Mukluk (besides the fun factor) is that it's enabled me to get outside and ride in conditions I normally wouldn't be able to. I basically have a winter AND a summer race season now. And if anyone is wondering if I will get burned out the answer is a big fat NO! It's impossible to get burned out when I'm riding/racing my fat bike on snow and into snow banks.

PS. Speaking of can snow anytime now....any freaking time!

I'm nervous/excited about all the races, but I'm ESPECIALLY excited for the Frozen 40 because it's going to be a race within a race for me. I'm racing my Twin Six sponsor for free food and a free t-shirt unlimited shopping spree at Twin Six headquarters. The race is a little bit more complicated then who crosses the finish line first though. I have to add my weight plus my bike's weight and then subtract it from his weight plus his bike's weight. Then we are going to divide the difference by half. Whatever that equals is the amount of time that I will have to beat him by. Aggghhhh!

Unfortunately today is going to be a trainer day. Slightly ironic since I just got done posting about being able to ride outside, but today it's a NO GO.  Temp's are in the high 30's but it's pouring rain and super windy out. I do have my limits and rain mixed with cold are one of them.

And speaking of not going outside...Scott and I have a baby on our hands.
I'm convinced that Ben would rather NOT go to the bathroom all day then set a foot outside in the rain. When he saw me taking Naomi outside today he ran away and hid in the corner with his back to I wouldn't see him if he wasn't facing me. It's really hard to act like I'm in charge when all I want to do is laugh :-)

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Carey said...

Have fun in the cold and snow on an extremely heavy bike ;). I am like Ben; for him it is the rain, for me ... anything below 45 degrees. I will stick to swimming and the indoor trainer.