Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Rush Fat Bike Series

I've been playing major catch-up since I got back from Hawaii and I finally feel like things are starting to return to normal. I was in charge of our adopt-a-family for work and I spent the last couple of days in a money-collecting, gift-buying and gift-wrapping haze. I had to ban myself from blogging and FB until I was done :-) The last thing that I wanted to be responsible for was ruining some family's Christmas because I didn't meet the deadline.

I did manage to sneak in a local Fat Bike race this past Sunday though. So much fun.
It took place at the Grand Rapids bike park and consisted of racing on a little bit of singletrack and a pump track for 40 minutes. I had never been to the bike park before but I definitely need to go back. It's a good little course to practice skills and carrying momentum...two things I'm "challenged" at.

This was my first time riding a pump track and I definitely need some more practice. Scott said that he could make it through the whole track without pedaling. I tried that once and came to a complete stop. Ha ha.
Unfortunately I had to go to work right after which means I'm dealing with this today...mud, lots and lots of mud.
I didn't think that it was that muddy during the race but yeah...it was. I have to admit that I was very tempted to leave Scott's bike for him to clean but that would be pretty mean. Plus I want him to ride with me tonight. So I'm cleaning his bike to be nice but with an ulterior motive :-)

Now we just need SNOW for the next race!!! And I need to bring my A game. I just checked the results and I got 4th place in the A race. I guess now is the time that I should mention that there were only 4 racers in the A race..shoot.

Those guys better watch out...I'm coming after them!

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