Friday, November 02, 2012

The potential for a blow-up is very, very high

Greetings from Traverse City! It's almost time for the Iceman, and I really can't believe that I'm here.  I emailed my coach that I was going to do it about two weeks ago and obviously didn't have any time to train for it. It's been a loooooong time since I've had to go XC race pace. I'm coming off of a full season of endurance races and I probably will blow-up when the promoter says go. Maybe before I even start pedaling.

I'm racing SS and start at 9:15 in the morning. I finally hopped on my SS Thursday to see what the gear ratio felt like but I only had time to ride it on a paved bike path. I have no clue what it's going to feel like when I actually hit dirt but I have a feeling that I'm going to be running up some A LOT OF hills tomorrow.

Apparently the SS National Champ is here and she starts 2 waves ahead of me. That's a good rabbit right? Better yet, I start in Wave #6! My lucky number!!!

Full race report coming up later! Regardless of how I feel it's going to be fun. I mean, it's Iceman. I was so tempted to not race it this year but I just can't stay away. And if my legs hurt I'll just remind myself that the faster I pedal the faster I will see the finish line!

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Craig Schroeder said...

Good luck Danielle! I am sure you will do well. Have fun!