Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving week

This was the most low-key Thanksgiving I've ever had. And I appreciated every second of it being low-key because the week leading up to it was completely crazy and I spent the majority of the week majorly sleep deprived. Not only was I working really early mornings or late nights but Naomi was really sick for a few days.  When Scott went home at lunch last Friday he noticed that she had a small limp. I went home an hour later and she could barely walk. Our Vet said that she either was having neurological problems or had meningitis. I'm sorry, Meningitis????? I think I must be a nightmare to deal with at the vet because whenever I hear bad news I always get this "deer caught in the headlights " look. I'm also always so panicked and trying not to cry that I never hear a word the vet is saying. I think she had to repeat everything twice :-) For a week Naomi has been on steroids (doggy-doper), a antibiotic, and pain meds. I spent a few nights on the couch with her and she had me up a few times every night. Hence the sleep deprivation.

Ben provided "pillow" support during the day... 
So that's how I spent my week...working, training in the dark and sleeping on the couch with a sick greyhound.  The good news is that Naomi is acting much more like her normal couch-potato self!!! I am so, so thankful!!!!

By Thanksgiving Day I was recovered enough from lack of sleep to do a 8-mile race with my little sister. Actually I was still exhausted but decided to do the race anyways.
The race was super low-key with an entry fee of $5. Awesome. I think there were only 44 females total, and maybe a few more guys. Still, everyone looked fast and I felt like a total rookie (again!). Unfortunately the race was on pavement but it would at least be a good opportunity to work on my pacing.

This race was slightly different in the fact that the fastest person didn't win. We had to predict our time before the race and weren't allowed to wear a watch.  Andy told me to not go all out and to run at the pace I will run my half-marathon at.

PS. I still don't know what this pace is....

Anyways, the moment the race started I did EXACTLY what my coach told me NOT to do. I went for the hole shot. There are many times when I act like a freaking idiot and this was one of those times. For the first couple of minutes I felt good and I was like, "wow, I'm soooo fast." And then it hit me. All of a sudden I was breathing super hard and felt like I was going to throw up. My brain started shouting at my legs, "slow down, Andy said to pace yourself!!!" Meanwhile there was a girl running effortlessly right behind me. How do I know she was running effortlessly? Because she was talking about her college running workouts and clearly was not out of breath.

I definitely did not smile during the race like I do when I'm on my bike, that's for sure. Finally the couple that had been running behind me passed at the half-way point. They were both nice but the guy said, "isn't this great? It's not like a real race where we have to kill ourselves...but we still get a good workout in." I couldn't answer him because I was breathing like a hippopotamus. 

With about a mile to go another lady passed me. I tried to keep up but my legs felt like they weren't attached to my body anymore. I guess that's what I get for not listening to my coach and running like an idiot.

I was the third female finisher but finished 11th in the standings because I was a minute and 4 seconds faster then my predicted time. That's how much better real runners are at pacing themselves. A lot of the runners finished within 15 seconds of their predicted time.

The good news is that I learned an important lesson about going out too hard. The Xterra half-marathon world championships has 1500 people signed up now and will have call-ups. I took a look at a few pages of the roster and people are coming from all over the world (which makes sense, I guess, since it's the world championships). I would hope that I wouldn't be so dumb to try to take the hole shot anyways against world champion runners, because I think I would last .01 seconds before getting trampled. I really don't want to be that person :-)

I spent the rest of my Thanksgiving doing all of my favorite things. Dog walking, drinking coffee and then riding my Fat Bike with Scott. 
The weather was surreal and I was so happy to be riding in just a jersey and shorts. Because I wanted to eat A LOT of pie later I limited myself to just one little payday bar. I'm always thankful for payday bars!
After our ride Scott and I headed over to my parents house. The dogs got to eat a little turkey and the rest of us ordered take-out sushi and a gluten free apple pie. Yum!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!!!

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