Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ladies night #3 (Thanks Ada Bike Shop!)

Yesterday was a ridiculously long but great day. I worked early and then had Ladies night #3 at the Ada Bike Shop at night. I also had to fit a workout (running) in between. Ironically enough it was the hill repeat workout I mentioned in my last post. Even though this is only the second time I've had to do it, it's quickly becoming my least favorite workout. Why??? Because I'm convinced that it's going to kill me. Yesterday I actually thought that I was having a heart attack after my second sprint. I don't think I've ever been as out of breath on a bike as I am when I'm running up a hill. I probably shouldn't say that because my coach might decide that I need harder bike intervals :-)

Regardless, I survived all 6 of my hill sprints and made it to the Ada Bike Shop. I was too late to participate in the yoga class (phew!) but I did make it with time to spare for the actual event (yes!).

The event was really cool. I love that the Ada Bike Shop promotes women in cycling and also picks local charities to give back to. This time the organization was Heartside ministries, an organization that provides a safe environment for people to express themselves through art. All month they had been focusing on bike themed art and yesterday it was on display to be purchased.

Last night the bike shop transformed from a Salsa Adventure Center...
to an art gallery...

Heartside made copies of a drawing by one of their residents and we had to color it in...once I found out that it was a competition I got very, very competitive with my crayons :-)

Alas, my coloring job didn't win. It goes to show that people don't recognize true talent when they see it. I mean come on, look at it!!! All of those lines were filled in perfectly!
There was a lot of great art on display and I had a hard time choosing. Finally I chose this one...mostly because it reminds me of fall favorite time of year. That's the artist standing next to me, it was cool hearing a little bit of her story.

Thanks again to the Ada Bike Shop for holding the event and to all the cool ladies who came out! I can't wait for the next one.

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