Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Lakes Fat Bike Series...this is going to be fun!

Yesterday I signed up for the FatBike Frozen 40 in Minnesota. That means I'm officially signed up for two races in the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series. And I will be signing up for more...after I collect some pop cans! Hopefully we can get a big group of people from Michigan to race in the 3 out-of-state races! The FatBike Frozen 40 has promised hot chocolate, beer and breakfast burritos. I'm thinking they should also have Haribo gummy bears. That way I can stock my frame bag with them!

PS. If you plan on racing the FatBike Frozen 40 do it sooner rather then later. As of now there are 88 spots left but I think it will sell out pretty quick. Especially if they add gummy bears to their menu. 

Next week is going to be very, very, very crazy at work so I'm taking full advantage of the weekend. Tomorrow I have to do a long run, then it's going to be fat bike, fat bike, fat bike for the rest of the time. As long as I survive my run. Right now my legs are sooooo tired. Yesterday I ran for an hour...but between work, walking dogs at the humane society, and walking my dogs I was on my feet all day long. And sometimes walking dogs at the humane society is more equivalent to a slow run, because most of the dogs are so excited to be outside that they want to go, go, GO!

I think I only have 15 days until my race, so tomorrow will be my longest run until the actual race. That seriously scares the crap out of me. The week after I signed up for the race I got an email that basically said everyone should be nearing the end of their training. At the time the longest run I had done was 30 minutes. The good news is that I'm racing on an island....if I get lost (and I better NOT) at least I'll be in a pretty place!


Ride Enterprises said...

Danielle - thank you for signing up for the Fatbike Frozen Forty! Our women's class is going to be awesome this year. While we thought the 2012 Triple F was great last year, something may have been missing. It was probably the Gummy Bears. In appreciation of you and Scott signing up and coming from MI, we'll fix that oversight this year. Gummy Bears will be ready and waiting for you and the registration tent on 2-16-12!

MTB Himalaya said...

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Susansweaters said...

This sounds like fun. Hope it goes well for you.