Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And that's a wrap!

Last night was my last "real" run before my race this weekend. It was a 45 min endurance run, which felt pretty short. That's definitely promising since my first run was Oct. 6th and only 15 minutes long. The longest 15 minutes of my life I might add. Unfortunately I had to do last night's workout on pavement since it was dark out. It was also 29 degrees out...perfect training for Hawaii :-)

To tell you the truth I still don't believe that I'm a.) going to Hawaii b.) doing a half-marathon c.) that the half-marathon is the xterra world championships. I'm sure once I get there I will be very nervous and in shock but right now it seems all very far away.

I still have a few things that I need to get done before I leave. Two workouts on my fat bike and I need to find a swim suit. Nothing like waiting until the very last minute...sheesh! Last week Scott was like, "you better find a swim suit," but I was much, much, much more interested in buying running shorts. Priorities people! Needless to say I might be wearing and swimming in my running shorts all week :-)

On Monday I went down to work out with Jason and co. Actually I didn't work out, I just got worked on while everyone else worked out. We were talking a bit about the race and I mentioned that I am quite confident that I won't get last place out of 2,000 runners. I mean, I HAVE to be able to beat at least one person, right?? Ha ha, famous last words....

A few days ago I got an email link to an article written about the race. Apparently both titles are up for grabs since neither of last year's champs will be returning.The article mentioned a few favorites expected to win and I was SHOCKED that I wasn't mentioned. They must not know that I'm coming...bahahahahahahaha. However it looks like all of the age group winners will be returning. I checked out who won my age group last year...Melanie McQuaid. And then I checked out the times from last year in my age group. Holy Moly...these women are insanely fast. Maybe I shouldn't be so fast to say that I won't get last place!

Here's a video from the 2010 xterra trail running world championships. If you can only watch a moment, watch at 3:35. If that happens to anyone this's so going to be me :-)


TP said...

Wishing you the best... KICK ASS!!!

Kid Riemer said...

Don't be that girl.

But don't be the girl at 2:30 either.

Something tells me that win or lose you'll kick plenty of butt.

Have fun.

Fabrice Portes said...

This blog is so funny and well written. Thank you for sharing. And good luck at Hawaii. I am starting to run more and I can really relate !

Carey said...

Enjoy the warmth and the suffering