Sunday, October 07, 2012

Well that was fun!

From the moment I got back from Colorado it's been go...go...go! In between the Salsa demo day and Ada Bike Shop party I was able to write up a race report for the salsa website...I'll post a link when it's up.

The demo day was super fun and there was a great turnout. I did not get a ton of riding in but I did get to ride with friends and even play trail guide for a bit.

It basically does not get better then being able to ride bikes and talk bikes all day.
Everyone at the demo had a list of bikes that they wanted....there were too many cool ones!
I rode the new Beargrease and it was love at first ride!!!!! The bike that I rode was a size large (I ride a medium) with really wide handlebars and it still felt amazing. I didn't have to make any adjustments when cornering or climbing etc. It's a fatbike just begging to be raced on. I can't imagine what it would be like to ride on the correct size set-up for me (hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint). Anyways, ever since I rode the Beargrease it's all that I can think about. I'm obsessed.
After the demo we went to a launch party at the Ada Bike Shop. The new Salsa adventure center looks amazing.

This picture doesn't do justice to all the cool Salsa bikes in the time I should try to center and focus when taking a picture :-)
Of course I think this Spearfish is the coolest bike in the shop but I might be a little biased...
I'm still in recovery mode. I rode twice this past week and both times were under an hour. Normally that would make me very grumpy but not so much this time. I definitely need a little down time.

Over this winter I am going to play around with my nutrition a bit. I think this is the perfect time to mix things up. During races under 12 hours I can usually handle just eating gels and drink mix but I've noticed that I tend to get nauseous if it's really hot or if I consume too much sugar. At Nationals it didn't matter what I ate because of that whole altitude sickness thing that happened. But since then I can't even look at any sort of ride food or drink mix without wanting to gag.

Anyways, I am very interested in trying out the drink mix and recipe book from Skratch labs. I was able to try out the drink mix while in Colorado and it was awesome. Rule number one for me is that I have to like the taste, and the drink mix tasted like real lemonade. It was light and didn't taste very sugary which is rule number two for me. We ordered the cookbook as well, because I heard that the recipes are really good. I don't cook EVER but maybe this will be an incentive to start :-) Lucky first home-cooked meal for him will be rice balls (or whatever they have listed in the cookbook). Yummy :-)

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