Friday, October 05, 2012

Salsa demo day @ Merrell Trail

Today the Salsa demo truck is going to be at the new Merrell trail in Rockford from 10-4. Come ride some new bikes!!!! Afterwards there will be a party at the Ada bike shop. I believe the party starts around 6 p.m. but you can stop by the bike shop anytime today to check out the new Salsa Adventure center. It looks really, really cool.  I was able to play with some of the displays yesterday so I am especially biased :-)

On a side note I finally got back on a bike yesterday after taking...3 days off. Wow, I can't believe it's only been 3 days-it felt like at least a week. I rode with the guys from Salsa and the Ada Bike Shop and it felt soooo good to be pedaling again. Especially because fall is in full force here. Definitely my favorite time to ride. I could have kept riding forever but we kept it less then an hour short. My coach warned me that I needed to take it super easy for at least a week to avoid digging myself into a big hole. Besides being able to ride, yesterday was just awesome in general. Last night we went to the Reveal the Path movie with an after party at Founder's brewery. I almost felt like I had a social life!

I'll be riding again today but once again it will be super easy with lots of breaks for pictures. In fact, I think today will be mostly coasting.

Hope to see you at the trail :-)

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