Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Right where I want to be (back home!)

Well I'm back from the 24 hour National Championships and I have to say. The mitten state has never felt so good.

When I crossed the finish line last year at Nationals I had two emotions. I was obviously super happy because winning the stars and stripes was a long-time dream but I was also really relieved. I remember thinking, "phew, I did it and I never have to come back." When I was little I used to have really bad asthma in cold weather and something about racing 24 hours in altitude made it come back really bad. I was very lucky I had a big lead because I was almost crawling on my last lap.

Anyways, when 24 hour Worlds was cancelled I went a little crazy registering for races and found 3 races to make up for it. First was Crank the Shield and since I was dead set on racing a 24 hour race my second choice was 24 hour Nats. Back to Colorado Springs it was.  But this time I went back with gears, an inhaler, and the hope that my body would remember what it was like to race in altitude and that I would feel a little better.

Well my body certainly remembered racing at altitude and I think it was like "no freaking way...not this again! We are getting the heck out of here!"

What happened over the next 13-ish hours was pretty darn bad and I am very disappointed.

Full race report coming up soon! Right now I'm going to bed. Besides having a hard time breathing at altitude I had a hard time sleeping. At home I can drink coffee and immediately take a nap. In Colorado I could barely sleep at all...it was weird.

I can't wait to climb into my own bed. Of course it would be nice if Scott were here too, but he's driving the bikes back so it's just me and two of the cutest dogs in the world. Tomorrow a few people from the coolest bike company are rolling into town and the next couple of days are going to be awesome! This is the perfect week to just have fun and do a little riding. My coach has given strict orders to relax and not even think about intervals. And he's pretty awesome because I told him what the 3rd race was that I signed up for after Worlds was cancelled and he's up for the challenge. Phew :-)

One last thing before I go to bed. I want to thank everyone for the kind words before and after Nationals. I mentioned in my last race that I wanted to represent on behalf of flatlanders and I failed miserably at that. But I can promise you that I puked with style!!!!

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