Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Muklukin' around...

So, it's STILL just me and the dogs here at the Musto-Chambers household since Scott is traveling for work for a few more days. I've talked to him a few times via Face Time. The first time he was in Thailand, second time in Amsterdam and the third time in Paris. And me? I've been on the couch wearing the same hoody every time that he calls. At least I'm consistent :-)

This past weekend was nothing but fun. No words are some pictures!

I do have a few races coming up so I'll update my schedule tomorrow. My coach still have me doing lots of easy endurance rides but I noticed that he snuck some steady state intervals in tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that my lungs are going to go into shock!

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Heather Adventure said...

That looks like fun! You are making me want a fat bike in a bad way.