Thursday, October 11, 2012

Heeeey Ladies!!!! Are you ready???

After Nationals I came down with a serious case of post-race-season-affected-disorder. Gah!

In my race report I wrote that I'm really lucky if all I have to worry about is a bad race. That is totally true. But it did not stop me from getting very mad/sad about the whole affair. I've discovered that I have a hard time with letting bad races go :-) I'm also still not recovered from the whole Nationals sickness which also does not help things. It sucks to go from feeling like I was in great shape to feeling like I can barely ride a bike. My poor coach...I feel like I'm sending him emails every other day asking him if it's OK to still feel like crap. He says yes :-)

But oh's time to move on. There's way too many cool things happening around here to mope around.

Starting with......LADIES NIGHT @ The Ada Bike Shop on Tuesday, November 13th!!!

Thanks to the Ada Bike Shop for continuing to support both women in cycling and also great charities. This time Ladies night will benefit Heartside Gallery, which provides a safe environment for people to express themselves through art. Over the last month they have been focusing on "bike-themed" art and it will all be on display at the bike shop for ladies night. SO freaking cool.

An example of one of the pictures that will be on display is below...I love it! Something about the pictures just makes me happy...probably because it involves the finish line. It just might be coming home with me!!!
There will be a yoga class at 5:30 and everyone is welcome! Just RSVP so that the shop can have an idea of how much room is needed. There was a huge turnout last time and I will be arriving way early so that I can get a spot in the farthest, darkest corner.  Ha ha, I am sooooo intimidated by downward dog.

After yoga there will be the usual fun. Drinks, good food and lots of time to look at all the art on display. What better way is there to celebrate the end of the summer race season then with a bunch of awesome ladies???

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