Monday, June 06, 2011

Hanson Hills race report

Scott, our friend Shawn and I drove up to Hanson Hills the day of the race. It meant for an early morning, but I was able to sleep the whole way up (like usual!)

Lining up....
We started with the elite men, and the first mile or so was completely flat with a sand pit or two. Very Lumberjack like. I had to spin my brains out but managed to stay with the lead women. It was painful, but NOT as painful as the intervals Andy had me doing earlier in the week. Instead of going into shock my lungs were like, "ok, we can do this!"

A few miles in I decided to go for it. The climbs weren't long, but a few were pretty steep. I had to mash my brains out to get to the top.

I felt tired during the 2nd lap, but started to feel better during the 3rd. Probably because I knew the finish line was in sight. I think that I went out pretty hard and need to work on being able to hold that pace. I have a feeling more hard intervals will be in the near future!

Now I'm headed off to Chicago to pick up my middle sister from the airport. It's 4 a.m. and lots of coffee is in order!


Just CallMe Wheeler said...

What's the magic gear selection for LJ? I ran 32/17 last year on my 29er with 180mm cranks. I thought it was almost perfect but, wished for a little more on the two tracks.

I rolled 36/18 at Mohican last weekend. The last 10 miles were unbelieveably difficult but, I was passing geared riders left and right on the flats.

Danielle Musto said...

I would go with whatever gear selection you are most comfortable with...the two track sections aren't very long at Lumberjack, so you would only be spinning your brains out for a tiny bit :-)I think some of the climbs at Lumberjack get really sandy, so having an easier gear might be nice.

Just CallMe Wheeler said...

Was curious what you were going with. 32/17 is the magic gearing for me at LJ. I was told by quite a few of the top finishers at Mohican I was a maniac rolling 2:1 there. I think 2:1+1 would have been a better choice.

Danielle Musto said...

I am going with a 32x18! But I'm not one to talk to about gear ratios because I never swap anything out :-)

PS. Congrats on being able to push 2x1 at Mohican, that course has some climbs!!!

Just CallMe Wheeler said...

32X18 will be perfect. You'll kill LJ with that.

Thank you. Mohican was a beast. Unfortunately, I fear it's got me obsessing about 100 milers. I've even trained a week straight since. First time since 2009. Uh, oh! Look out!