Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I had a few "forced" recovery days after the Victoria 100. I say "forced" because Michigan weather was not cooperating with riding outside. It was a nasty week with temps in the 40-50 range and rain almost every day. It made me grumpy but the weather was probably a blessing in disguise because there was less temptation to go ride. I know that recovery days are just as important as training days but sometimes they are really hard. Scott says that I start moping around the house and I think he's probably right :-)

Finally towards the end of the week I was able to get out and start training again. I have to say, I never feel good the first time back on the bike after a few days off. BUT...I have a new coach and my first workout snapped me out of my post-race funk in a hurry. It's been a while since I've done such intense intervals, and I had that tunnel vision feeling where I thought I was going to pass out. Plus I was coughing, snotting and drooling all at the same time. Such a pleasant vision, I know.

The good news about these sorts of workouts are that they seem to get a tiny bit physically and mentally easier each time. At least that's what I'm hoping since I have to do the same workout again tomorrow...but with one extra interval.

I have to admit that I'm really excited about the rest of the summer. And btw, I think it is finally summer here. I'm not sure what happened but we went from 40 degree weather straight to temps in the 90's today. Holy heat wave. It feels almost unbearable because we had no in-between.

Poor Naomi, she hasn't moved from in front of the fan all day. And don't worry-she's still breathing. I actually checked today because she went a few hours without moving once!
More on my new coach and race schedule tomorrow. Right now I need to go to bed so that I can wake up and do some more "bleeding from the eyeball" intervals!

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