Friday, April 22, 2011

Greetings from South Carolina!

Let the bike riding begin!!!! Or not! Unfortunately today was mostly spent driving around in our big truck. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend the first day of our vacation (not to mention on Earth day!) but at least we got everything that I managed to forget :-)

The most important thing for me to find was a hydrapak and powergels. I'm not sure how I could forget 2 race necessities but I'm sure they are right next to each other on our kitchen counter. During the drive down I tried to convince myself that I would be OK with just water bottles, but I know myself well enough to know that it wouldn't work. I never drink enough with bottles...I think it has something to do with being severely uncoordinated. I bought the Soquel which will keep me going for a few laps. It holds 70 oz. and is light! And it comes in black-my favorite color :-)

In between errands we stopped for some BBQ at a restaurant in Charlotte. It was so freaking good. I don't follow any specific diets, but I usually eat pretty healthy. Wait, are pizza and gummy bears healthy??? At any rate, I usually don't eat dessert for lunch the day before a race. However, today it could not be helped. We split homemade pecan pie and banana pudding. Good night. Seriously, I am still in a food coma. At any rate, I'll be faster going down the hills tomorrow :-)

Scott and I are both doing a 6 hour mountain bike race tomorrow and wanted to pre-ride the course today. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. Temps were stuck in the 50's and it rained all day. Hmmmm....just like Michigan (only warmer). Instead I spun my legs around in the hotel parking lot. Completely lame, but our hotel is stuck in suburban hell-one wrong turn would put me on the highway!

Tomorrow is definitely going to be interesting. I have no clue what this course is going to be like, and the longest I've ridden singletrack this year is 3 hours. And it's going to be hot. I'm having a hard time believing it, but apparently temps are going to jump from being in the 50's today to the 80's tomorrow. I am definitely looking forward to it being warmer, but I know it's going to be shocking/brutal to race in. Hopefully the heat will mean a dry course!!!


dicky said...

Good luck.

Can't believe your in CLT and I am far away.

Must be down for the Grind/Cohutta one-two punch?

Danielle Musto said...

Dicky- Don't worry. I'll be back :-) I like Charlotte!

Tomorrow we are heading to the NOC area to get some long rides in. I want to do Cohutta, but we can't stay away that long. Plus I probably won't be able to pedal by that point!