Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Don't judge...the driveway up to the inn is like 40% grade.

Full updates on our rides when we get home. Right now we are at the NOC whitewater center and the internet is too slow to post anything else.

BTW...tomorrow is our last day here. You know what that means, don't you? It's driveway or bust day. So help me...I'm going to make it up that thing if it's the last thing I do!!!


SurlyGirl said...

I just saw your tweet about Kayaking. I'm thinking that might be my next expensive hobby. Lot of the people I bike with also boat and it looks like so much fun.

Adam said...

Even with a tripple and a 27t I almost couldn't make it up some of the 30% hills in San Francisco, though that was 30lbs and about 100 watts ago. Likely I'd still be wondering why I didn't wear my mtb shoes for the impending doom of spd-sl's on cobbles.

®andyA said...

Seeing that you're pushing a 'cross bike up a hill I'm tempted to heckle you... but it's roadie season... ;-)

Danielle Musto said...

ha ha, heckle away!

But then you better go and ride it :-)

On the second day I actually wanted to crawl up it...even walking was too hard!