Monday, March 22, 2010

Sister versus Sister

Well, it finally happened. I got beat by my little sister at the Fisk Knob TT. I'm just surprised that I was able to hold her off until now...

Toni started riding/racing right when I did. She was only 11 at the time, and absolutely loved riding a bike. I can't stress enough how much she loved it. Every day my mom would call up and ask if Toni could go riding with me, so every day I had this little mini-me tagging along with a big old grin on her face and a ponytail so long it would almost get stuck in her back wheel. That smile would disappear really quickly if things got in her way though. Once my mom told Toni that she couldn't do a mountain bike race because it was pouring rain. I guess the thought of little toni racing in mud on wet roots was just too much for my mom to handle. Toni stormed upstairs and we later found a note saying, "I hate people who won't let me ride my bike."

Even at an early age it was obvious she meant business!

Anyways, the odds were against both of us at yesterday's time trial. Toni was just coming off of a peak from collegiate swim nationals, and it was only her 2nd time back on a road bike since last August. My legs were still kind of tired from my week's training, and it was only my 2nd time on a road bike in about a year.

We had a very serious stare down through my parents minivan before the race.

I was all, "bring it!"
and Toni was all, "oh, I brought it!" And then she started psyching me out with her aerobars and helmet and other roadie attire.

And then it was time to line up. Toni was starting about 4 minutes behind me, and anytime I would turn around while we were waiting she would give me the thumbs up sign. Yup, she was acting supportive but I know deep down she was thinking, "I'm going to rip your legs off!"

I don't have much to say about my race, except I don't think I could have been more INEFFICIENT on a road bike if I tried. Combine the inefficiency with tired legs and you get a long day in the wind, let me tell you! Before the race I kept trying to reassure myself that it didn't matter if I don't ride a road bike much, but now I'm thinking it might matter just a little bit. I felt out of control. Not to mention I think I managed to hit every single pothole on the road. If you look at my time you might think that I even veered off of the course for a coffee break or something. And next year I just might do that!

The end result? Toni beat me by a minute. My little sister finally beat me....wahhhhhhhh! I got beat by a lot of other people too, but she was the only one that mattered.

Of course I've been bragging about her all day, but there's no way I'm telling her that! This year she's entering the world of triathlons, something I know absolutely nothing about. I'm still sighing with relief that she's doing that instead of endurance mountain biking...phew! I can quit looking over my shoulder-for now!

PS. Thanks again to all the volunteers at Fisk Knob TT for being so great.

PPS. I'm happily retiring my road bike back to the basement until next year!


Sean said...

You girls both did awesome!

Carey said...

So cool to have your little sis racing you. Not so cool she beat you. However, I think you could take her on the trail. She will excel at triathlons.

BTW, thanks for the pledge!

Seng said...

That was a cute story about your sister when she was younger and not being allowed to ride her bike!

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